Apple discontinued their wireless router. They absolutely should have, but it’s a shame. The Airport Express was terrible. If you used it for a Time Machine backup, everyone else’s internet connection would stall. Unplanned automatic backups would knock my roommate off of World of Worldcraft and cause Youtube videos to stutter. It was embarrassingly bad and missed the trend of having multiple access points. Eero should never have happened.

Peak iPhone is going to be a thing. Even if Apple was successful enough to sell an iPhone to every person on earth, they would hit peak iPhone. Investors don’t want stable, consistent returns. They want growth! Apple needs to grow its product line. It’s going to turn into G.E.

Ignore the Homepod, which is failing because Siri is terrible. Selling more products to your current customers is the best strategy.

Wait. What the fuck am I talking about. The Homepod might be the best product no one buys. It costs $50 more than the Bose Soundlink I bought in 2013 and has reviews comparing it to a $50,000 speaker? I… want that. Hell, I want Apple to design the power cables and other boring parts of my home appliances.

I want to live in a world where Apple is making my toaster oven.

  1. Apple will never sell everyone a phone. People's taste are too different, and some people don't like Apple for forcing its tastes on you.
  2. I love that a failed product for Apple would be a huge success for any other company.
  3. I don't own a toaster oven. They're all terrible.