The absolute opposites of an entitled employee are the apprentices in Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The apprentices have to work for ten years making rice and doing other menial tasks before they’re allowed to make a dish. Jiro’s desire for perfection really shows his dedication to his craft.

The film paints a portrait of an exacting patriarch who demands perfection from himself, his sons, and the hard-working apprentices who work up to 10 years before being allowed to cook eggs.

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Although… why would anyone put up with that? If you were even a mediocre chef, why would you toil under Jiro instead of creating your own restaurant or being a more senior chef at another restaurant? Only two types of employees will apprentice with Jiro, the sushi fanatics and the people who can’t find a job anywhere else.

Sam Altman wants employees who have no where else to go.